TMJ is more than a cosmetic dental issue. TMJ leads to unnecessary headaches, facial, neck and jaw pain that can be treated by a dentist. Millions of people each suffer from untreated TMJ.

Causes of TMJ

Dentists know that if the bite is not balanced, pain and other symptoms can develop. Our jaw is supported by a sling of muscles that guide our teeth together in our habitual bite. Even when our jaw is resting, our muscles position our jaw near our bite. If our bite is in harmony with our muscles, everything feels good. But if our muscles have to strain on a regular basis in the "rest" position or in the bite position, symptoms can develop. These symptoms take the form of headaches, facial pain, neck and shoulder pain, feelings of ear congestion, dizziness, and other symptoms not commonly considered "dental."

If you and your physician have determined that your symptoms have no medical origin, consulting with an experienced dentist is your next step.

Dr. Josh Bernstein has many years of experience, and uses the most advanced technology available to assess your bite and find the most comfortable position for your jaw.

Because each person’s bite and treatment is different, there is no single technique to treat TMJ. Dr. Josh Bernstein will determine the best course of action for your treatment. Often, a simple orthotic will relieve the pain, other times, additional treatment is needed.

We have seen amazing advances in pain relief through dental treatment. If you’re experiencing pain, please contact our San Francisco cosmetic dentistry office to arrange a neuromuscular dentistry consultation with Dr. Bernstein.