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 All photos in this gallery show Dr. Bernstein's actual work on his patients.

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Laser gum lift and pure porcelain to even out gumline and to update outdated old "caps."
All porcelain bridge and 2 porcelain veneers to replace missing tooth and old-fashioned bridgework.
Porcelain veneers and laser gum lift to eliminate crowding and to whiten teeth.
6 porcelain veneers to whiten teeth, close spaces, correct midline and restore wear.
Straight white teeth with no braces. 8 porcelain veneers improve color, crowding, and shape.
Pure porcelain crowns and veneers replace old fashioned caps and make straight, white, beautiful teeth just in time for the wedding.
Beautiful porcelain work restores broken, worn teeth for dramatic improvement.
Porcelain bonded on all teeth to close spaces and to correct overbite, without braces or surgery.
A new pure porcelain crown and 3 porcelain veneers to replace an old-fashioned cap and make a nice conservative cosmetic improvement.
A porcelain veneer to correct the discolored tooth and three more for a great improvement
Old fillings replaced with beautiful pure porcelain crowns for a dramatic smile makeover.
Accidents will happen. Significant fractures restored with 2 new beautiful porcelain crowns.
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