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 All photos in this gallery show Dr. Bernstein's actual work on his patients.

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This scientist is from the U.K. and wanted to improve her smile for her California students.
When her old crowns discolored, new porcelain crowns did the trick.
A beautiful new smile for this creative architect.
Newer porcelain veneers are so strong that they are hard to break, even with a pair of pliers! But some old veneers break, even when done by a famous Manhattan Cosmetic Dentist. Here is a case we salvaged by replacing her old veneers with strong new Emax porcelain.
A new smile really does make all the difference for the very nice young professional.
This bright, mild mannered, young professional sustained trauma to her teeth. And she was very nervous about having any dental work when her whole mouth was so sore after being traumatized. Using sedation, we were able to restore her to her original beautiful smile--in complete comfort. Eventually her lip healed up nicely, too.
Let's face it, Baby Boomers want to stay young. This high tech exec wanted to rejuvenate her smile, so that she could have nice white teeth to go with her blonde hair and fair skin--and stay competitive in the job market.
This very nice patient had some old dental work and other issues that she wanted to improve. She was so happy with the results and with the whole experience that she volunteered to be in our TV commercial and in some of our videos.
After some rough play as a kid, this cowgirl was left with a hodge podge of dental work. New porcelain crowns fixed all that.
This pretty patient had just a few very dark and crooked teeth. With just a few porcelain veneers, she is prettier than ever.
This patient had old bonding and an uncomfortable bite. By doing porcelain on all of her upper teeth and on one lower molar, she is all better--and very happy.
Dental Phobia is real and crosses all socio-economic backgrounds. Many patients come to see us because we do I.V. Sedation and Oral Sedation (with pills). Dental phobic patients often have severe dental problems. Not to worry. We are trained and equipped to handle even extreme cases like this--without judgement. In fact, this case is one of the more "presentable" cases for this web site. Others have much less presentable "before" pictures. Fortunately, this patient had the means to restore his mouth. After experiencing Sedation Dentistry, he became much less afraid of the dentist.
This foreign exchange student from the U.K. was studying at Cal for a year and wanted a California smile.
This school administrator was ready to update her look and was pleased to learn that Cosmetic Dentistry also improved her bite.
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