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 All photos in this gallery show Dr. Bernstein's actual work on his patients.

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This lovely patient had a partial denture that was replacing her missing upper teeth, but the partial was loose and not much fun to use for eating. We placed implants and crowns, so now she can eat without the inconvenience of a partial denture.
This patient wanted a whiter, less "gummy" smile. With a laser "gum lift" and porcelain veneers, she was very happy.
This high tech guy was referred by one of our patients who was very happy with the look and feel of his full mouth rehab, and he wanted the same thing.
This patient was very skeptical that we'd be able to please her cosmetic wishes. But she took a leap of faith and was completely satisfied.
This patient was terrified of the dentist. After getting her whole mouth restored in complete comfort with I.V. sedation, now she won't go anywhere else. Here is her "before" and immediately after getting her new porcelain work.
This patient had crooked front teeth with old bonding. By just doing porcelain veneers on her 2 front teeth, she got a huge improvement in her smile.
Porcelain veneers on her 8 uppers and 6 lowers make a nice improvement.
This High School Senior wanted to fix his front teeth before he went off to college. Doing 4 porcelain veneers gave him all the confidence he needed for freshman year and the future.
This charming Italian woman wanted a new smile. Luckily she did porcelain veneers on enough teeth to cover her big smile.
This patient didn't like the little "dark triangles" between her teeth. With a few porcelain veneers, the dark triangles disappear.
This patient from Greece broke off her lateral incisor. She wanted a bridge, rather than an implant, and she wanted a smile makeover to go with it.
This funny patient liked to joke about her plastic surgery and she wanted a smile makeover to go with her big laughs. Porcelain veneers did the trick.
This friendly patient and her husband wanted her teeth to look just right. With porcelain veneers we gave her just what she wanted.
This E.R. physician was referred to us by another dentist who was having difficulty solving her bite problems. We found a jaw posture that was very comfortable for her, tested that posture with temporary overlays, then rebuilt her mouth to that new posture. She got a comfortable new bite and a beautiful new smile.
This vigorous outdoorsman had worn out his front teeth. With new porcelain crowns, he's as good as new.
This twin's sister had porcelain veneers done in L.A. and wanted to have nice teeth to match. With porcelain veneers, the spaces are closed and the dark teeth are all white.
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