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 All photos in this gallery show Dr. Bernstein's actual work on his patients.

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This former college football player and now corporate executive needed to have some missing teeth replaced and he needed crowns on all the rest. Using implants and porcelain crowns, we helped make his mouth young again.
This friendly grad student had some dark front teeth. They didn't keep her from smiling, but she feels much better about her smile now after 4 porcelain veneers in the front.
This very nice executive had a traumatic bite that was threatening his teeth. His dentist referred him to us for a full mouth reconstruction to an ideal bite.
Sometimes doctors need our help. This hilarious urologist broke his front tooth at work. He got an implant for the broken tooth, then porcelain crowns on his 2 front teeth.
This friendly golf enthusiast had severely stained teeth from tetracycline antibiotics as a child. She had porcelain veneers placed many years ago and she wanted to replace them with whiter, more natural-looking porcelain that was designed to better suit the shape of her face. With 10 veneers, she got a complete smile makeover.
This young restauranteur is one of those people that just doesn't get numb. Without sedation, dentistry is nearly impossible for her. With sedation, she got the new smile she's been wanting--in complete comfort.
8 upper porcelain veneers and 4 lower porcelain veneers in the front make an all new smile for this sweet patient.
This very busy elementary school principal grew up poor and couldn't afford dental work when she was younger. She is also afraid of the dentist. Using sedation, we were able to give her a new smile in complete comfort.
This patient was born without lateral incisors. After orthodontics, we did porcelain bridges to replace the missing teeth.
This surfer had an accident on her board and needed our help. She was referred to us by another dentist who trusts our cosmetic work.
This former Swim Coach turned Merchant Marine had some nice porcelain veneers done inexpensively by a dentist friend of his. Just one problem--the veneers kept coming off. There is more to Cosmetic Dentistry than how it looks--it has to function properly. We replaced his veneers, paying careful attention to his bite, and he hasn't had any problems since.
This engaging New York transplant didn't like her front 4 teeth, particularly her gumline. With a laser gumlift and 4 porcelain veneers, the problem is solved. Here she is "before" and immediately after getting her new smile.
This wonderful friendly patient had chipped her 2 front teeth and wanted to match them to her other perfectly healthy teeth. Working with our Master Ceramist, we were able to give her an excellent match.
This warm patient was referred to us by one of our dentist friends. Her lower teeth were chipped and crooked. And she didn't want braces or Invisalign. In 2 visits, her lower teeth were straight, white and beautiful with porcelain veneers.
This good-natured, very bright, Russian immigrant had a front tooth that needed to come out. And she wanted to replace the old-fashioned porcelain crowns that had metal underneath. We removed the bad tooth and placed an implant, then placed porcelain on many of her front teeth.
This lovely patient had a traumatic bite that was causing gum recession and bone loss. By correcting her bite and restoring her teeth, her teeth should last longer and be much prettier.
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