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 All photos in this gallery show Dr. Bernstein's actual work on his patients.

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Full mouth restoration with implants and porcelain to replace missing teeth and restore bite for a dramatic result.
Laser gum lift and complete smile makeover to correct color, shape and crowding with 10 upper and 8 lower porcelain veneers.
Implants and beautiful pure porcelain crowns to replace missing teeth.
A childhood accident damaged her two front teeth. We replaced the old composite repair with porcelain crowns for a beautiful and natural looking result
The lower phase of a full-mouth reconstruction
Laser gum lift and new porcelain to improve uneven gumline, to replace old-fashioned cap, and to complete a conservative smile makeover, treating only 4 teeth.
Laser gum lift and 6 new porcelain veneers for a beautiful smile makeover.
Heartbreaking fall broke her beautiful front teeth. 2 pure porcelain crowns made her as beautiful as before.
Two porcelain veneers gave her a great result in just two visits rather than a year in braces
Straight teeth and no braces! Two porcelain veneers made a beautiful correction.
Laser gum lift and porcelain veneers for a dramatic improvement. Used 9 veneers on top and 6 on the bottom.
Cosmetic Dentistry isn't just for front teeth. Old mercury amalgam fillings replaced with composite resin in just 1 visit.
This nice young high school senior was born with "peg laterals." Before he went off to college, he wanted to improve his smile. Using just 2 porcelain veneers on his lateral incisors, we were able to give him much more confidence to smile.
This wonderful baby boomer hadn't been to the dentist in awhile due to fear. Using I.V. Sedation we were able to give her implants and porcelain veneers on all of her teeth to give her a brand new smile.
A beautiful smile makeover with 8 porcelain veneers for a whole new look.
This bright, engaging writer had had porcelain veneers placed over her tetracycline stained teeth many years ago. When it was time to upgrade the old veneers with a whiter option, here's how her new smile turned out using 8 porcelain veneers.
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