British researchers found that one smile can provide the same level of brain stimulation as up to 2,000 chocolate bars.

Lumineers are a cosmetic dental tool similar to veneers in that they cover the existing teeth, however, Lumineers are thinner and do not require teeth to be reshaped. Lumineers provide a strong, protective covering to your existing teeth.

Most lumineer work can be completed in only a few visits, and the results are simply beautiful. Once the impression is finished, and Dr. Josh Bernstein is satisfied with the fit and appearance, the lumineers are affixed.

If you’re considering the option of lumineers, be sure to consult with cosmetic dentists with the highest standards of artistic ability and advanced techniques.

Dr. Bernstein has been doing Lumineers since 1985.

To determine the best cosmetic dental options for you, contact Dr. Josh Bernstein’s office for a consultation.