Children smile as much as 400 times a day.

Instant orthodontics is a cosmetic alternative for obtaining a beautiful smile without the need for braces. For many adults who simply desire a straighter smile, wearing braces for several years is not practical.

With instant orthodontics, Dr. Josh Bernstein can artistically turn crooked or misaligned teeth into a polished, beautiful smile in almost no time. Instant orthodontics can be accomplished, for the most part, in two visits.

Instant orthodontics uses state-of-the-art techniques to work with a mildly misaligned bite, gaps, over crowding, and crooked, twisted or turned teeth. Using porcelain veneers made of the highest quality ceramic materials, Dr. Bernstein works with your individual features to create a stunning, natural-looking smile that conceals cosmetic flaws.

Dr. Josh Bernstein can tell you if instant orthodontics is a good option during your consultation.