At All New Smiles, getting on your way to a new smile is easy. First, we'll make an appointment for a private consultation with Dr. Bernstein. Before the consultation, you will fill out 3 simple forms that will be reviewed by Dr. Bernstein before your visit.

During your private consultation with Dr. Bernstein, he will ask questions about your goals and what you hope to accomplish with cosmetic dentistry. This is a unique opportunity to sit down with the very dentist who will perform your dental work and discuss everything before any procedures are done. Its very important to Dr. Bernstein that he find out how he can help you.

Then, Dr. Bernstein will see you in the treatment room where he will conduct an oral exam. During this exam, he will screen for oral cancer, look at your gums and teeth, and get a feel for the mechanics and integrity of your mouth and jaw. He will also take a set of digital photographs of your mouth.

After discussing your options and getting an idea of what you want and what All New Smiles can do for your smile, Dr. Bernstein will look at the photos of your mouth with you on a big screen television to start making a plan for your all new smile!

It is rare that you will get such a personal consultation from the very cosmetic dentist who will be working on your mouth. While many offices offer free initial services, our nominal fee is still an incredible value for what you are getting. When you leave our office after your consultation, you will have a very clear understanding of what it will take to get your perfect smile!